‘Trentodoc’ Giulio Larcher Pas Dose


Type: Metodo classico

Abv: 12.5%

Variety: 100% Chadonnay

Vintage: NV

Producer: Tenuta Maso Corno

Region: Trentino , Alto Adige

Tasting: Fresh and sapid with a striking acidity and generously long finish. Aromas of roasted hazelnuts and caramelised yellow nectarine balance perfectly with the minerality to create a truly sophisticated wine.

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Surrounded by the Little Dolomites, the Maso Corno estate rises on the hillside of the Lessini moutains in the Trentino region of Northern Italy. In this enchanted setting, a centennial messuage reborn as a vineyard unfolds into an orographic terrace above the Ala creek, overlooking the Adige valley from an altitude of 500m.

The dolomitic soil, rich in limestone and with a thin herbaceous layer, the high air quality of the foothills and a morning exposure all contribute to enhancing the features of the genius loci. Cultivated for over 30 years, the vines have adapted to this soil and developed robust and resistant features, allowing them to produce wines of high character and class, in which refinement and elegance complement a structured body.

Raised with an attentive eye to the past, Giulio Larcher followed a classical education before embarking upon viticulture out of passion, venturing far from the beaten path and conventional wisdom. He rose to the challenge of expanding vine cultivation to the entire estate with the objective of producing wines of an excellent caliber.
The awareness of historical and environmental traditions and a concern for quality instructed the choices of original vine clones, selected rootstocks, low yields, strict grape selection and hand harvesting in conjunction with rational cultivation and innovative breeding techniques.

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