Busi Jacobsohn ‘English Sparkling Cuv?e Brut’


Type: Traditional Method

Abv: 12%

Variety: 60% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot noir, 15% Pinot Meunier.

Vintage: 2018

Producer: Busi Jacobsohn

Region: East Sussex, England

Tasting: Elegant and crisp with great length acidity and balance. Aromas of biscuits, roasted nuts, oatmeal and apple. Intense fruit and savoury notes, on the palate delivering apple crumble and pastry notes.

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We are passionate about developing a strong and respected brand. Our dream is to make Busi Jacobsohn a respected name in the English wine industry by sharing the unique qualities that come from our single estate sparkling wines, which we believe speak for themselves and demonstrate our passion and knowledge.

We always strive for perfection, and we believe this is best achieved by working respectfully with nature to make terroir-driven wines, as well as learning from experience – our own, and that of our fellow winemakers – and always staying open-minded. We love the English wine industry and all the opportunities it brings, and we feel very fortunate that our lifestyle allows us to do what we love.

We care for our immediate surroundings and the planet, and are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint by using both solar powered energy and biomass heating, which burns biological matter such as wood chips to create warmth.

We are committed to promoting the vineyard as an ecosystem and a habitat for wildlife. We care for the health of our soil by reducing pesticide use, using it only where absolutely necessary and always in the most efficient way. We have invested in mechanical weed management with the goal of becoming completely herbicide free. We also promote the environmental, landscape, archaeological and historical features of our surroundings, and allow vegetation to grow on headlands.

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