Rizzini ‘Franciacorta DOCG Brut Nature Riserva’ Millesimato


Type: Metodo classico

Abv: 13%

Variety: 100% Chardonnay

Vintage: 2009

Producer: Rizzini

Region: Lombardia

Tasting: Coming Soon

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The philosophy of the company since 1985 has always been to vinify a single variety (chardonnay), coming from a single "single cru" vineyard, this is because we believe that the characteristics and qualities transmitted by the soil, understood as soil, subsoil, exposure to the sun, geographic area, climate and microclimate are unique and not reproducible from other terrains even just a few kilometers away.

By making grapes from different soils, the characteristics linked to a specific territory that a wine should have are lost.

The territory and the environment in which the grapes are grown is a key factor in determining the character of a wine and how it will differ from other wines produced with the same grape varieties, but grown in different conditions and places.

The Rizzini farm located in the north-east of Franciacorta, at the foot of the hills of Monticelli Brusati, in a natural environment away from sources of pollution, cultivates its own vineyards, in places where only viticulture has always been practiced, areas notes to connoisseurs of high-quality wine and a great wine-growing vocation.

All the processes are carried out directly by us with the advice of an agronomist for the work in the field and an oenologist for those in the cellar.

For more than twenty years we have adhered to the EU regulation which allows the use in respect of the environment only of certain products for phytosanitary prevention and without using any type of chemical fertilizer (integrated pest management).

We vinify and bottle exclusively vintage by vintage without blending wines from different vintages (cuvèe), letting each harvest express its full potential, not pursuing the stylistic continuity of an "always the same" product, but considering the natural variability of the wine.

The goal of our company is not to produce an increasing number of bottles, but to pursue excellence in every detail and the improvement of the quality achieved.

To further enhance the specificity of our area and therefore of our Franciacorta, we try to produce them by intervening as little as possible in order to obtain them more expressive and authentic.

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