Cielo del Sur Sauvignon Blanc


Type: White

Abv: 13%

Variety: 100% Savuvignon Blanc

Vintage: 2021

Producer: Cielo Del Sur

Region: Central Valley, Chile

Tasting: Green apples, citrus fruits and some herbaceous notes lead to a fresh, light-bodied wine with zesty fruit and a clean acidity.

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  • One of Chile’s largest wine regions, Central Valley stretches for almost 250 miles, from just south of Santiago to the southern end of the Maule Valley. Covering many different terroirs, it produces a range of different styles, largely from international varietals (in addition to Carmenere). However, recently there has also been more exploration of the potential of cool-climate areas of the Valley for more aromatic varietals.
  • Chile offers an ideal star-gazing environment with its lack of precipitation, clear skies and low-to-zero light pollution. Cielo del Sur (Southern Sky) is inspired by the ‘Southern Cross’ constellation which can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere and, according to the opinion of the Andes’ indigenous population who called it the ‘The Chakana’, was the centre of the universe.

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